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Basia Rose, LLC 

Custom Orders Business Policy


Here at Basia Rose Designs we take pride in the work that we do. It is very important that the projects are completed on time, & our clients are happy. To accomplish these goals, we have a certain criteria that we follow. We will only accept projects that Basia Rose Designs is able to successfully complete in a timely manner. This guarantees that Rose Buds will be able to attending their events in a timely fashion. 

Clients are encouraged to read the Business Policy, and ask any questions they have regarding policies and procedures

All consultations are billed at $100 and due at the consultation. The $100 will go towards your bill and is non refundable. Price and design will be invoiced through email.  Rush fees are applied to anything needed less than 6 weeks and must be paid at the consultation. Rose Buds (clients) are responsible for the cost of their own fabrics.  Fabrics are selected and purchased by the designer based on the desired outcome and budget. Exact fabrics are not always available. We do not duplicate designs. 

Custom orders take time and may require multiple appointments. Please arrive on time or give an advance notice. To reschedule go online to    

During consultation we will discuss the order, review a timeline and take measurements. You will receive an email with details of order. With proper communication we can do one make up consultation if more time is needed. Multiple cancels will deny service. Remaining deposit is due during pick up on the promised date. Any changes in the order or timeline may cause a delay of completion.



During the designing process, under the Designer's discretion you maybe refunded or denied service at anytime if there is not an agreement, understanding or a hostile situation.  There are no refunds on custom orders after process has started. Changes after agreement will be cost additional ( by alteration and cost of fabric). Any Changes what so ever will also change the completion date. Final fitting is required. For any reason the garment can not be fitted a person must sign a pick up waiver. Understand that sales are final, any additional alterations after leaving with garment will cost.   

Cost and Fees

Pick-ups a week (7 days) after promise date will cost $15 late fee plus final deposit .

After  every 14 days will add a $50 late fee(if not paid in full)

All custom designs must be paid in full or will go into collections after 30 days.

Drop off or on site appointments are an additional $20

All contracts are voided after 30 days. We will not hold responsibility on items not picked up within 30 days. 

Basia Spencer-  Lead Designer


Visit By Appointment Only 

7441 West Greenfield Ave

Tuesday- Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 1pm-7pm

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