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Welcome to Basia Rose Designs

The Perfect Stitch

At Basia Rose Designs, we understand the importance of having a perfectly fitted dress for a special occasion. Our skilled team of tailors and designers are dedicated to providing you with high-quality dresses, alterations, and custom designs – all in one space. Let us help you look and feel your best for your next event.

I am Basia Rose,
Your Personal Seamtress and Stylist.

--EST. 2015

Basia Rose Owner/ Head Designer

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Tuesday - Saturday : 10am - 6pm



Satisfaction Guaranteed

Outstanding Quality

Some things never go out of style. The perfect-fitting suit, a distinctive necktie, elegant formalwear, and of course, customer satisfaction — the hallmark of Basia Rose Designs. Need a custom-made suit? Or perhaps a dress alteration? Come on down to Basia Rose Designs for top quality and speedy tailoring services.

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Need Something Fast?

Looking for the perfect dress to wear to your special occasion? Our ready-made Special Occasion Dresses are just what you need. Enjoy high-quality dresses at great prices, without sacrificing style or elegance. Plus, we offer in-house alterations, ensuring that your dress fits you like a glove. Visit our store to find your dream dress today.

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