• Basia

Growing. Now Hiring.

A lot has been going on. Next Week will be 3 months in the boutique. Time is moving quick. I've been busier than I expected. I was not planning on hiring help until November of this year but I need help NEOOOOW! lol. Last week I came down with a cold (thanks to Violet, My 4 year old daughter) So while trying to take care of my self I feel behind on some business things. I realized working alone has some downfalls. When I am sick, my business is sick too! If you want a vacation, my business is on vacation too! (I stayed home last week Thursday to rest, and my phone would NOT stop ringing lol OMG although I am so grateful, I still need help.)

So with that being said I am now HIRING! These are the following positions and brief descriptions:

1. Receptionist- Can be done at home (with a smart phone or computer) or in the store. Just managing the phone line, emails, message. Mainly communicating with me, clients and models and booking different events

2. Designer Assistant- Helping me fulfill custom orders. From Cutting Fabrics, to sewing.

3. Model- I Need so pretty faces to represent my brand. Attend photo shoot and fashion show representing Basia Rose Designs

Me and Friends will be reviewing Resumes. Please send your to basiarosedesigns@gmail.com NO LATER THAN MARCH 4TH, 2019