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Growing. Now Hiring.

A lot has been going on. Next Week will be 3 months in the boutique. Time is moving quick. I've been busier than I expected. I was not planning on hiring help until November of this year but I need help NEOOOOW! lol. Last week I came down with a cold (thanks to Violet, My 4 year old daughter) So while trying to take care of my self I feel behind on some business things. I realized working alone has some downfalls. When I am sick, my business is sick too! If you want a vacation, my business is on vacation too! (I stayed home last week Thursday to rest, and my phone would NOT stop ringing lol OMG although I am so grateful, I still need help.)

So with that being said I am now HIRING! These are the following positions and brief descriptions:

1. Receptionist- Can be done at home (with a smart phone or computer) or in the store. Just managing the phone line, emails, message. Mainly communicating with me, clients and models and booking different events

2. Designer Assistant- Helping me fulfill custom orders. From Cutting Fabrics, to sewing.

3. Model- I Need so pretty faces to represent my brand. Attend photo shoot and fashion show representing Basia Rose Designs

Me and Friends will be reviewing Resumes. Please send your to NO LATER THAN MARCH 4TH, 2019

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