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Pink Friday Grab Bag Sale

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Forget Black Friday it's all about Pink Friday at Basia Rose Designs! Grab Bag Sale Event. Come early and get ready to line up at the door for this amazing sale!

Friday, November 29th

1617 W North Ave, Milwaukee, WI

10A - 3P

Stuff as many items as possible into the store provided bag for $30. Everything you can fit into the store provided bag is all yours FOR ONLY $30! (LOVE).

We have a great selection of club, prom, bridesmaids, formal, accessories, and dresses for any occasion.


How many bags do I get?: ONE BAG PER PERSON NO EXCEPTIONS. So, invite as many people as you can. =)

Do I need to bring my own bag?: No, you do not need to bring your own bag. The store will provide the bag for you.

When Do I Pay?: Once you are done fitting all you can fit in the store provided bag, just head straight to the register and check out for only $30

What if I want more than what I can fit into the bag?: Any additional items that cannot fit into the store provided bag will 50% off.

What if there isn't enough merchandise left to fit in my bag?: What ever is in the store provided bag is $30 so, make sure you come early so you can fill your store provided bag all the way up!

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