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Stess Level=1000

My stress levels are on one thousand. I have so much to do and so little time.

I need an assistant! (send someone amazing my way!!!)

OK. Grand Opening is less than 2 weeks away! And the store is finally done painting (as of yesterday). I still have to come up with some layout. Stock the store. Meet with Vendors (stock their items). Meet with the models, and Stylist and Helper for the grand opening. Continue marketing, Prepare myself for the Grand Opening and of course complete orders. Huuh.. this signage thing is stressing me out as well. I still need signage for the store.

Lets not forget that I am a mother, and have a part time job. (I would say a personal life too, but with everything I just listed... HOW?) .

Goal 2019: Get a social life.

But I really wanted to talk about an inspiring experience I had this past Tuesday I will cover that in another post!

How do you all handle stress. What are your stress relievers?

Please don't be like me. I tend to sleep when I have tons to do. Then I am upset because I am pressed for time. I also meditate and do yoga. Pray. I also make a to do list (it feels good to check things off)

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