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Team No Sleep.

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

I am so excited. I've been going to bed at 9 o'clock (days that I've got my sewing completed) because I know once the shop is up and running I will not be getting much rest.

Today consisted of meeting with my land lord and finalizing all my insurance for my business and any questions about the lease/ building. Im having lunch now at Panera before a doctors appointment (Hoping to respond to 20+ emails beforehand) Then I have a meeting with my business coach. She is critiquing my business plan. (yes its finally completed). Then meeting with a Rose Bud for more alterations. I'm literally hooking up her whole wardrobe for her trip to Bahamas.

Tomorrow will be my first community meeting where I will be meeting with other business owners in the community to find ways to generate more revenue and help the community. am a business woman. It's official. A local company want me to put some last minute adjustment to their garments. I want to get some of my own sewing done for the week, set up a meeting for the grand opening and another meeting for vendors for the store.

Friday is my pick up day I made a dress for a president of local company and she loves it. Few other things. Fridays are my payday. (If I complete my orders on time)

People keep asking me how I do it. Just make a to do list on Sunday. And focus only on those items for the rest of the week. Of course there will be road blocks. But only the strongest survives!

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